Zika Virus Outbreak in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Brazil was faced with the cocirculation of three above viruses of major public health importance in the year 2015. The emergence of the Zika (ZIKV) virus however brought about serious public health challenges to both public health authorities and clinicians.

It is however imperative to note that clinical features between diseases caused ZIKV, Dengue (DENV) and Chikungunya (CHIKV) as well as the lack of validated serological assays for ZIKV makes accurate diagnosis difficult. This article was therefore the firs published description of the outbreak of Zika virus in Latin America. Recent findings about Zika virus suggest that in a minority of ZIKV cases, neurological diseases can develop and that babies born from mothers with a ZIKV-illness during pregnancy could suffer from congenital abnormalities such as a small brain or a small head.

After analysing the virus, it was then suggested that the clinical characteristics of both the confirmed and the unconfirmed cases proved to be very similar.

AUTHORS:      Patricia Brazil et al
JOURNAL:      PLOS Negleted Tropical Disease
URL:                http://journals.plos.o

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