What is CPD?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. It is a programme designed to assist professionals to develop their academic and professional credentials beyond their initial training and ongoing basis. The CPD process usually includes a process of recording and evaluation of the professional's learning and development which is also reported to and monitored by the governing body which the professional falls under/belongs to/is related to.

What is the difference between a CPD Point and a CEU?

There is no difference. The technically correct term for the CPD Point is ‘Continuing Education Unit’ (CEU) which, in practical terms, is equivalent to one hour of learning.

How do I earn CPD points?

Traditionally, Professionals are accustomed to acquiring CPD Points by attending hands-on courses. This involves closing their practice or leaving work early, travelling in traffic to a venue and spending a whole afternoon to obtain a mere 3 CPD Points. With technologies available today they can earn their CPD points online. Simply register on our website, log in and select the courses that you want to attend. It is quick convenient and affordable.

What are the consequences if I do not acquire the CPD points as stipulated by the HPCSA?

If, as the result of an audit, insufficient CPD Points have been accumulated by a practitioner, they are required to submit a CPD portfolio to Council within 21 days. Non-compliant practitioners will be given six months in order to comply. After the 6 months extension a practitioner will again be audited and if there is still non-compliance, the Professional Board will consider appropriate action.

How can I find courses for my discipline?

You will be able to browse all the disciplines by clicking on the button “View All Disciplines” on the home page. The disciplines are displayed in alphabetical order. Alternatively, you can find courses by typing your discipline in the search bar. If your discipline is not listed, select “Other” and all the courses will appear in alphabetical order.

How much will it cost to get my CPD points?

Individual courses are available at market related prices of approximately R120 per CPD point. However, we offer packages of 9, 15 or 30 CPD Points from as little as R73 per CPD point.

Do I need to / can I attend courses at your premises?

The simple answer is, “no”. The more detailed answer is that - we at CPDEXPRESS understand the ongoing overhead of continuously having to chase CPD Points. aims to offer its community a quick and convenient way to obtain ALL their CPD Points on one fully automated platform. We are offering this service by means of online courses, which can be done from the comfort of your office/home at a time convenient to you. However, we are always aware of the need of a “human touch”, so you are welcome to contact us any time to get any help which you may require.

Can someone hand hold me through the process of acquiring my CPD points?

Yes, help is always on hand by contacting us by email, phone or requesting a call-back. Simply click CONTACT on the menu at the top of the home page and one of our qualified consultants will call you to ”hold your hand” patiently and help you obtain all your CPD points as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Do you have Medical Ethics Courses?

Yes, we have a variety of Ethics courses; you will find these courses displayed in the bottom table under the heading: “Other Courses which can earn you more CPD points” or below that section under the heading “Ethics and Other Featured Courses.

How do I know if cpdexpress is an accredited training/service provider?

Every CPD article, course or activity offered by cpdexpress has an accreditation number issued from an HPCSA appointed accreditor. The accreditation number is displayed on every certificate issued by cpdexpress. Here is an example of the certificate.

Can I earn CPD points for previous years?

Yes, if you look at the course lists in any of the two course tables, you will notice under the ‘Accreditation’ Column a drop-down list containing the available years of accreditation for any of the courses. You may select the year that you need to be displayed on your certificate, provided that the year falls within the two-year period. Please note you cannot acquire points for the same course twice.

Can I, as an audiologist get CPD points for participating in a CPD course for General Practitioners

Yes, provided the course you choose is within the scope of your practice. There are many “general courses” available which fit into all practices, and displayed in the bottom table under the heading “Other Courses which can earn you more CPD points”.

Who is responsible for submitting my record of points to the HPCSA? The Accreditor, Service Provider or me, as the registered practitioner?

The onus is on the registered practitioner to keep a record of their CPD activities. Should a practitioner be “audited”, the HPCSA will require a schedule of the activities that the practitioner has completed. Service Providers such as cpdexpress are required to retain participation/attendance records for a period of 3 (three) years. Please be aware that you can always request a re-issue of any certificate which you previously obtained on Simply click on the down-arrow next to your Name which is displayed at the top right-hand side of the home page while you are logged in. From the drop-down menu select ‘COURSE HISTORY’, and on the ‘Reissue’ column select the course for which you need a certificate to be reissued. A certificate can be reissued to you by email or you can download it and print it instantly.

If I write or review an article do I earn the same amount of points as the practitioners who read my work?

There are different levels of how authors and lecturers can earn CPD Points, for example the principal author of a peer reviewed publication or chapter in a book can earn 15 CPDs, or a Co-author/editor of a peer reviewed publication or chapter in a book can earn 5 CPDs and Review of an article/chapter in a book/journal can earn 3 CPDs. There are various other levels which can be found at Guidelines 2014.pdf on page 12 and

If I have dual registration (psychologist and medical practitioner), what are my CPD obligations?

You are obligated to acquire 30 general points per annum plus an additional 6 for ethics for each of the disciplines for which you are registered.

If I attend the same lecture at two different venues, am I entitled to earn double points?

No, you cannot acquire cpd points for doing the same course twice.


cpdexpress offers you a quick, convenient and affordable one-stop-shop platform where you can acquire all your CPD points by means of online courses in order to be compliant with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). CPD points are mandatory in order for you to retain your professional license.

cpdexpress developed an automated platform providing Continuing Professional Development, which Health Care Providers can make use of, from the convenience of their office/home at a time suitable to them.

cpdexpress offers you a wide variety of courses (20-50 per discipline) to select from. Each course is followed by a multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ), which once passed (70% pass rate required), you will obtain CPD points (usually 3 points per course) towards the total number of CPD points required by HPCSA (typically 30 points per annum plus 6 Ethics points which can all be obtained online).

Once the assessment is passed a certificate is issued and will be emailed to you as well as being available to be downloaded immediately or any other time in the future. All the courses which we offer are HPCSA accredited and where applicable health professional can apply for cross accreditation with the AHPCSA.

Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) randomly audits their registered practitioners and if they are not compliant they have 6 months in which to obtain their CPD points.

cpdexpress offers individual courses at competitive prices as well as a package deal at a significantly reduced rate if the professional elects to acquire all 30 CPD points (typically 10 courses) in order to obtain the total number of CPD points required (typically 30 + 6 Ethics for health practitioners)


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