cpdexpress offers significantly reduced rates from as little as R19,97 a CPD to groups of healthcare providers or corporates with hundreds of employees/members.

Who can take advantage of Group Rates?

  • A small/medium medical practice with at least 3 healthcare providers.
  • Any 3 or more healthcare providers who decide to get together and form a group in order to take advantage of these special rates.
  • Corporates such as a large hospital group, a health insurance company or a medical association with hundreds of employees/members to whom they wish to offer an easy and affordable way to obtain their CPD points.

The Group/Corporate rates are listed below:

Group Size - # of members Package Price per member Package - CPD Point Net per CPD Point
3-10 R 999 30 R 33,30
11-25 R 899 30 R 29,97
26-50 R 799 30 R 26,63
51-100 R 699 30 R 23,30
100+ R 599 30 R 19,97

*Note! These reduced rates are applicable to the 30 CPD package only.

Decided to take advantage of our Group/Corporate rates – now what?

Take the following steps:

  1. Register all members of the group on
  2. Pay by EFT for the total amount applicable, based on the above table. (e.g. If your group consist of 6 members then make a payment or deposit of R999 x 6 = R5 994, for a group of 55 members make an EFT or deposit a sum of R699 x 55 = R38 445).
    EFT/DEPOSIT to the following bank account
    Bank Name & Branch: Nedbank - Melrose Arch
    Beneficiary: CPDEXPRESS (Pty) Ltd
    Branch Number: 196605
    Account Number: 1098280172
    Reference: Enter your email address
  3. Email the following information:
    1. The name and nature of your group (e.g. Dr Adam & Co - Dental practice employees or Carol-Victor-Frank - 3 medical colleagues or SAMPA - South African Medical Practitioner Association - selected members)
    2. Proof of payment
    3. A list of all members in the group. The list should contain the following information about everyone in the group: First name, Last name, email, HPCSA number and mobile number.
  4. Within 1-2 business days cpdexpress will credit each registered member on the list with 30 credits. Cpdexpress will send an email to each member advising them that their cpdexpress account has been credited with 30 credits and they can now proceed to acquire their CPD’s.


Individual CPD courses for 3 cpd’s, can be purchased for approximately R350. We are offering Emergency Care Services and Nursing a special rate - from as little R89 for a 3 CPD course.


We offer 3 types of package deals as follows:

  • 30 CPD package for R2 200- is the most financially viable package for healthcare providers, as it works out to as little as R73 per cpd.
  • 15 CPD package at R1 400.
  • 9 CPD package at R950.

The 3 packages are prominently displayed at the top of the course table page. Simply click on a package which you wish to acquire and it will be added to your shopping cart.


cpdexpress offers you a quick, convenient and affordable one-stop-shop platform where you can acquire all your CPD points by means of online courses in order to be compliant with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). CPD points are mandatory in order for you to retain your professional license.

cpdexpress developed an automated platform providing Continuing Professional Development, which Health Care Providers can make use of, from the convenience of their office/home at a time suitable to them.

cpdexpress offers you a wide variety of courses (20-50 per discipline) to select from. Each course is followed by a multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ), which once passed (70% pass rate required), you will obtain CPD points (usually 3 points per course) towards the total number of CPD points required by HPCSA (typically 30 points per annum plus 6 Ethics points which can all be obtained online).

Once the assessment is passed a certificate is issued and will be emailed to you as well as being available to be downloaded immediately or any other time in the future. All the courses which we offer are HPCSA accredited and where applicable health professional can apply for cross accreditation with the AHPCSA.

Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) randomly audits their registered practitioners and if they are not compliant they have 6 months in which to obtain their CPD points.

cpdexpress offers individual courses at competitive prices as well as a package deal at a significantly reduced rate if the professional elects to acquire all 30 CPD points (typically 10 courses) in order to obtain the total number of CPD points required (typically 30 + 6 Ethics for health practitioners)


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