Efficacy of Internet-delivered cognitive-behavioural therapy for the management of chronic pain in children and adolescents A systematic review and meta-analysis


Paediatric chronic pain is relatively common in the world. Although cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) has been shown to be efficacious in children and adolescents, it is generally recognized that availability and accessibility of CBT are limited. However, Internet-delivered cognitive-behavioural therapy (ICBT) performs better in these areas. This systematic review aims to evaluate the clinical effects of ICBT for chronic pain in youth when compared with the control treatments.

We searched electronic databases to identify randomized controlled trials that compared ICBT with the control therapy for paediatric chronic pain. The primary outcomes were 95% confidence intervals and mean difference or standardized mean difference in change of pain intensity and activity limitations. Four trials met the inclusion criteria with a total of 404 participants of whom 208 received ICBT. Compared with pre-treatment, children reported significant, medium to large benefits on pain intensity, activity limitations, and parental protective behaviours after receiving ICBT immediately. ICBT for physical and psychological conditions in youth with chronic pain is a full potential therapy; it can be successful on clinically effects and socioeconomic benefits.


Wen-Xin Tang, Lu-Feng Zhang, Yan-Qiu Ai and Zhi-Song Li

Medicine (Baltimore).

Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc.

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