Medical Ethics: A Private Right Called Bill.


Privacy is defined by a number of English dictionaries as the quality or condition of being secluded from the presence or view of others. More appropriately privacy is also defined as’ the state of being free from unsanctioned intrusion’.

In 2014, with the advent information technology advances, social networking, sale of database information and negligent protection of personal information, in general, amongst others, the necessity to protect personal and private information has been recognized by the law makers. As such, protection of personal information has been incorporated in various forms of legislation, including the SA Constitution, The Patients’ Rights Charter, the Health Professions Act and the very recent Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI).

The Health Professions Council obligates all registered practitioners to comply with Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The importance of Ethics, Human Rights and Medical Law is emphasized. This article thus encompasses all three in the form of an overview related to the respect for privacy. Of significance is the Bill of Rights.  

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